2nd Time This Week, Andrea Mitchell Embarrassed, Called On Mimicking Dem Talking Points

Posted by Brian

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

The problem is, Andrea Mitchell did try again. And she embarrassed herself just as bad on Friday in an interview with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, as she did interviewing former NH Governor John Sununu on Tuesday.

In a discussion about Obama increasing taxes on those making over $250K, Cuccinelli pointed out the effect this will have on working Americans.  Mitchell, stammering throughout, said that the only ones who would be affected would be about 3% of Americans, and not job creators.  Cuccinelli then said, "Well, small business owners, for instance".  Mitchell then claimed that those would only be "things like law firms. Small business wouldn't be affected". At this point, Cuccinelli, apparently unable to contain his disgust, said " “Oh, gimme’ a break! C’mon! That’s a lie and the American people know it. That’s just absolutely not true and the American people reject this class warfare approach anyway.”
Mitchell changed the subject shortly thereafter.

This comes on the heels of John Sununu literally laughing in Mitchell's face during an interview on Tuesday, in which she was even more ill-prepared for.  At one point, Sununu told Mitchell, "You're struggling, Andrea. You're struggling". 
It's been a bad week for Ms. Mitchell.
Flashback: Tuesday's Interview with John Sununu

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