Hypocrite Philly Mayor: Supports Soda Ban, Opens 'Shake Shack'

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Single Shack Burger, Regular Fries and a Vanilla Shake: 1600 Calories. 

Wanna splurge? Double SmokesShack Burger, Cheese Fries, and a Peanut butter Shake: 2,430 Calories.
Shake Shack Nutritional Information

Philly mayor backs soda ban in D.C. after opening Shake Shack
June 07, 2012 -- 2:33 PM

With the first place Washington Nationals repeatedly walloping the last place Phillies this year, you’d think Philadelphia know-it-alls would steer clear of D.C., especially those who can’t back up their bragging.

But that wasn’t the case Thursday when Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter came to Washington to give the keynote address at the National Soda Summit on Capitol Hill. He came with a message very similar to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg: people are fat because they eat too much and drink too many sodas.
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