New House Rules Cite "Constitutional Authority" Rule For Legislation

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John Boehner's House rules for the incoming Congress appear to be a step in the right direction.  However, I am not ready to beat my chest and declare victory as some of my Republican brethren have been wont to do.  Both Democrats and Republicans have shown that they are more than willing to ignore promises, some recently, that have been made to the American public over the years - the 1994 "Contract with America"; promises to hold health care debates on C-span; promises to post all legislation online for 72 hours prior to votes. All proved to be empty.  Even though much of the "Contract" was brought up and either passed, or at least voted on, it turned out to be just as empty as the others.  Yes, it was a list of detailed promises, but it was also a declaration of conservative principles - principles which many Republicans abandoned long ago.  So, excuse me if I don't get all "rah-rah" about this announcement.  The proof will be in the continued adherence to these principles over time.  - Brian

Boehner’s New House Rules Reflect Tea Party Principles

by Emily Miller

Republican House leaders released a draft of new rules for the 112th Congress, which address many of the reforms advocated by the Tea Party.

The House Rules package shows a greater focus by congressional Republicans on transparency, deliberation, and cutting government spending.

“I expect the Tea Party movement will be excited when they see the new rules proposed by Republicans,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Chair of the House Tea Party Caucus, told Human Events. “We are forcing ourselves to cut spending, and it’s about time.”

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