"Never Gonna Stand For This" by Teachenor Clark

What a great song! Country music always has its finger on the pulse of ordinary Americans. "We the People" are always the first to hear the call - Pass this on and help it go viral!
"Never Gonna Stand For This!" by Teachnor Clark

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Nashville based songwriters Jamie Teachenor and "Banjo" Ben Clark team up for this exclusive release, aimed to raise-the-hair and boil-the-blood of every liberty-loving American ready to make a difference this fall...one vote at a time.

Please help the powerful voice of "We The People" ring through the halls of Congress by forwarding this to any and all who are fed up with the Elites in Washington who consistently ignore our cries.

If you're not registered to vote, PLEASE do so now, and may God bless America now and forever.

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