Nancy Pelosi shifts gears: Moderates rhetoric on Chamber of commerce, Blames Bush

You can almost hear the gears grinding together in her head as she tried to reverse course in the past week's debacle of the Dems assault on the Chamber of Commerce. Nancy Pelosi, career politician that she is, changed gears on baseless accusations that the Chamber of Commerce is dumping money into 2010 midterm election campaigns. Blaming "special interests" with scary unknown sources, including foreign money instead, Pelosi could scarcely hide her hypocrisy, as this drivel comes exactly one day after it is revealed that the Democrats have received two times the amount of money from foreign sources than the Republicans.  She didn't stop there though,  returning to the Democrat talking point that is the Dems panacea for everything: It's  Bush's fault, which now includes outsourcing of jobs.  It never occurs to this intellectual dwarf that perhaps it is tax policies, over-burdensome regulations, trade tariffs and a maze of government interference into the free market, that makes it fiscally advantageous for companies to outsource jobs - or to relocate altogether.  Our current leadership in this country is more than a little disconcerting.  Harry Reid is Senate Leader.  Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House (and 3rd in line to the Oval Office).  Joe Biden, a walking gaffe, who's aptitude runs more to that of a used car salesman than as the Vice President of the United States, and finally, Barack Obama who, when he's off the teleprompter, can't string together complete sentences, says that they've only just started on changing the country.  If that doesn't get you to the polls on November 2nd, nothing will.

Nancy Pelosi shifts gears in talk
Late on Friday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office sent reporters a few embargoed excerpts of a speech that the California Democrat was slated to give to a convention of women steelworkers in Pittsburgh on Monday.

The limited remarks that were released included the Democrats’ newest talking point: the Chamber of Commerce is dumping money into the 2010 midterm elections.

But when her office released the transcribed remarks the speaker actually gave late Monday, the line was nowhere to be found. Pelosi rather opted to talk about “all of this money that is pouring in from special interests, unidentified, unlimited money from any source, including foreign sources.” She did not, though, invoke the Chamber.

The White House and liberal interest groups have turned the Chamber of Commerce into a punching bag in recent weeks, making unsubstantiated allegations that it is using foreign money to bankroll its campaign operations on behalf of Republicans. But it's a controversial strategy in Democratic circles, particularly among those who are getting support from the Chamber and those who believe the attack on a business association is a turnoff to middle-of-the-road voters.

Pelosi backed off a direct assault on the Chamber, not using a line from her excerpted remarks that read: "We have lost millions of jobs to outsourcing under President Bush. We don't intend to repeat that policy - no matter how much money the Chamber of Commerce dumps into our elections."

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