Is it Time to Abolish The EPA?

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The Environmental Protection Agency.  Such a nice, safe benign name.  I mean, who can be against protecting the environment, clean air, or clean water?  But the EPA goes way beyond that simple mission.  They regulate, with an iron fist, nearly every aspect of industry, science be damned!.  In fact, science is a pesky little thing for the EPA.  More of a nuisance.  True science, that is.  The environmentalist pseudo-science which the EPA relies on is exactly what they want.  This is because the EPA is not really that interested in the environment per se.  It is the POWER of regulation that they want to maintain.  They do some things that are good for the environment, and they have people within the agency which are very sincere in their goal of keeping the planet clean, but this is only a means of attaining their final goal, which is to completely weaken the U.S. economy. 
Why would they do that?  At its core, the environmental movement is a hard-left, Marxist movement.  The EPA and environmental groups are riddled with these leftists.  The environmental movement is about redistribution of wealth, and the EPA is the legal boot on the neck of business to constantly move them toward their goal. You can't build a log cabin on a piece of land unless an environmental impact study is done (unless, presumably, you are the Sierra Club).  It is not coincidence that an oil refinery hasn't been built since the 70's.  The sheer amount of bureaucratic red tape, the environmental lawsuits, make these projects fiscally impossible.  Meanwhile, if a refinery goes down, or God forbid, a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast, the consumer gets stuck with higher costs at the pump.Their legal tentacles reach into everything from the oil industry to cow flatulence, to the electronics industry (Lead-free electronics), having the effect of driving consumer costs through the roof, making products less reliable, and most devastatingly, costing millions of jobs as a result of their placing huge financial burdens on business. Cap and Trade, an EPA and environmentalist's wet dream, would be the nail in the coffin to the U.S. economy if it's passed. 
Remember, elections have consequences.

Is the EPA Trying to Destroy the USA?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
By Alan Caruba

Carol Browner
 The announcements streaming out of President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency often seem to contradict regulation, science, and common sense.
Most people don’t have time to pay attention to the cast of characters setting the EPA’s agenda. They include the president’s top environment advisor, Carol Browner, a former EPA director under Bill Clinton; and Lisa Jackson, the current EPA administrator, and an acolyte of Browner.
Browner is a dedicated Socialist, but Jackson is a bounce-off-the-walls enviro-wacko for whom real science is a great nuisance while pseudo-science is a blunt instrument with which to impose a regime that will destroy the economy.
At the heart of the EPA’s latest initiatives is the thoroughly debunked theory of “global warming” -- that carbon dioxide (CO2) is “causing” it, and that human beings are producing too much CO2 by using various forms of energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas. All three assertions are utterly and completely false.
As you read this, the Earth’s atmosphere is composed of 76.55% nitrogen, 20.54% oxygen, 0.91% argon, and 0.0389% carbon dioxide. Of the so-called “greenhouse gases,” the largest is water vapor -- clouds.

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