Lawrence O'Donnell on RNC Chairman Michael Steele

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell:
"As the first congressional election during his party chairmanship approaches, Michael Steele is dancing as fast as he can trying to charm independent voters and Tea Partiers while never losing sight of his real master and paycheck provider, the Republican National Committee."

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/lachlan-markay/2010/10/06/msnbcs-lawrence-odonnell-dancing-michael-steele-mindful-his-gop-mast#ixzz11cCTezN6

If Sean Hannity orsomeone on the right had referred to a black Democrat as "dancing" for the voters and that the DNC was his or her "Master", the hell that there would be to pay would be unending, until they were fired or they resigned. Lets see how the left reacts to this. You already know, but it will be instructive.

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