‘Dave the Tracker’: Candidates Clash Over ‘Gotcha’ Video Tactics

Virginia Congressional candidate Scott Rigell (R) was fed up with being “tracked” by a Democratic staffer paid to make his life miserable. So he confronted his opponent, Congressman Glenn Nye (D) about the tactic.

“Dave the tracker” is a videographer paid by the Virginia Democratic Party to follow Rigell around, sometimes aggressively, in order to try and catch a gotcha! moment that could derail Rigell’s campaign. But Dave doesn’t always play nice, and his constant, disruptive presence has become too much.

A local news station has the story, which includes the crucial elements of any good campaign season report: confrontation video, an incumbent politician stretching the truth, and a fearless salt-and-pepper haired reporter willing to ask touch questions:

In the New Video below, Democrat Glenn Nye comes across as a dishonest, arrogant elite - thing Fortney "Pete" Stark or Alan Grayson.  This guy is cut from the same cloth.


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