91% Black Support For Obama Is Racist Says Lars Larson

Double Standards: Are Obama Supporters Racist?

What would the media think if 91% of whites lined up to support a white candidate who only had 36% approval among blacks?

By the way, Leslie Marshall claims that if he were Jewish, "you'd see similar numbers from the Jewish community". Is she delusional? I'd like her to show me a single poll where the Jewish candidate is pulling 90% approval in the Jewish community. Just one.
I don't think that this poll proves that all blacks, or even the majority, are racist. I think there are a lot of other dynamics involved which contribute to these numbers. But I think the point being raised is a valid one, at least from the standpoint of the media. I think it is fair to say that if these approval numbers were of white voters for a white candidate, we would see the headline on Time magazine "Why is White America Racist?". Tell me I'm wrong.

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