Fed-Up Veteran Educates Pious and Snide "Educators" at Democrat Anti-Gun "Forum"

Posted by Brian

New Trier, Ill - Northeastern Cook County, Chicago suburb
Tired of hearing lies, half-truths, and being referred to as Nazi's and Chihuahua's, a man identifying himself as a veteran stood up and educated a group of snide, elitest Chicago Democrats drawing cheers and shout of approval from the crowd who had shown up to forum billing itself as a "space for real conversation", only to be told to "shush" time and again.
Don't take my word for it. Watch the video. Pay attention especially to the guy at the 15 second mark, who addresses the room in a tone of voice normally reserved for a 2-year-old. This is the voice of the elitest who views himself as intellectually superior to those around him, and is disgusted to even be in the same room to people he views as lower than primordial sludge, and thus addresses them with a voice that drips with contempt.
This was not a forum to have a "real conversation", as advertised. This was a lecture, put on by leftists, to allow them to tell everyone HOW things should be, and how they are going to be. Unfortunately for them, a US military veteran, along with a whole bunch of pro-Second Amendment, pro-Constitution people showed up and told them how things are.
Remember. There are a whole lot more people like this veteran, who love our Country and our Constitution, than the media and the leftists want you to believe.

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