Obama's "Mission Accomplished?" Al Qaeda, "Decimated" and "On the Run" Stronger than Ever

Posted by Brian

Al Qaeda Decimated? On the run? Yeah, all over the Middle East and North Africa!

Al Qaeda, whom Barack Obama has called "decimated" and "on the path to defeat" 32 TIMES since the attack on Benghazi, has the Administration on its heels.  Posing what some are calling "the most serious threat" since 9/11, the United States is shutting down embassies all over the Middle East, and issuing travel alerts to Americans traveling overseas.

Al Qaeda is so "decimated" that they have orchestrated prison breaks across nine nations, including Benghazi, Libya, Abu Ghraib in Iraq,  and Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan, freeing thousands of al qaeda terrorists, causing INTERPOL to issue a global security alert.

This Administration, for all of its bold talk of being tough on terrorism, has yet to even try to understand this enemy.  Obama and those on the left constantly boast that "Osama bin Laden is dead".  This is Obama's "Mission Accomplished" banner, and he unfurls it each time this Administration is exposed for its wishy-washy approach to the terrorist threat. This administration has effectively cleansed the terms "terrorist" and "jihad" from their vocabulary. When criticized for calling terrorist acts "workplace violence", "man-caused disasters", and other equally asinine (and dangerous) labels, Obama and his sycophants, unable to defend their position, shout "Osama bin Laden is dead".  It's their equivalent of shouting "racist" whenever they are unable to defend their liberal social policies, illegal immigration, or any criticism of Obama.

Aside from being absolutely infuriating, Obama's lies about nearly everything, and his administration's posture toward Islamists is dangerous. While downplaying the global Islamist threat, he falsely touts his "accomplishments" on domestic issues to his brain-dead followers.  Still repeating the lie that he inherited the "worst economy since the Great Depression", he brags that businesses have "created 5 million new jobs, the American industry is back on top, American manufacturing is growing at the fastest pace in 15 years, we are less dependent on foreign oil than any time in 20 years, home values are on the rise", and of course, "Osama bin Laden is dead".  What's really sick, is to see and hear these intellectual dwarfs behind him, and in the audience, actually cheer this crap, their allegiance to this man is so blind.

What's dangerous is that he has convinced so many incurious people, who take as gospel everything he says, that Al Qaeda really isn't a threat, that Islam really is a "religion of peace", and that those who oppose his views are all islamaphobes, bigots, racists, and ill-informed. You know - "White crackers".

While admitting that there have been Islamist terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in Obama's four and a half years in office, he brushes them of by claiming they weren't really "serious attacks". Tell the Boston bombing and Ft. Hood victims that these weren't "serious" attacks.

Sadly, I believe that for too many of my fellow Americans, it is going to take an event the size of 9/11, or even more significant, for many to finally realize the danger that Barack Hussein Obama has put this country in.

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