Limbaugh Living Rent-Free In Obama's Head, Blames Rush for Problems

Posted by Brian
Barack Obama claims that it is Republicans who are afraid of Limbaugh, but why is it that it is he who always brings Limbaugh's name up? One the one hand, Limbaugh is "just an entertainer that no one pays attention to, and on the other it is Rush Limbaugh who is soooo influential that Obama can't get anything done. With Limbaugh occupying so much of Obama's brain, you'd think that "the Messiah" would be getting smarter by the second.
It's extemely funny how Obama likes to claim that he doesn't even think about Limbaugh, but never fails to blame him when things are going south for him.  Me thinks that Obama doth protest too much, or to quote 'Ace Ventura': "Obsess much?"

Rush Limbaugh (on right) is the tenant in Barack Obama's head.

Obama on CNN: Congress Has Two Jobs, But Too ‘Worried About’ ‘Rush Limbaugh’ to Do Them 
by Noah Rothman | 7:59 am, August 23rd, 2013

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday, President Barack Obama said that the upcoming fight over the continuation of a resolution which will fund the government does not have to be a fight at all. He said that enough Republicans in Congress agree that seeking to defund the Affordable Care Act is a bad idea, but they are afraid of angering their base or of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.
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