Ed "Sgt" Schultz: Only "Phony Christians" Oppose ObamaCare

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Leave it to good ol' Ed Schultz to give us phony Christians a good laugh.  Using this "phony" label, Schultz predictably goes after conservative Senator Ted Cruz (who really does scare the devil out of liberals), painting him as the poster child of phony Christians.

Ed even channels his inner P.T. Barnum, striking a pious pose to pray for the "strength to heal the sick and help the poor, because we know that's what you want Lord".

Mr. Ed, goes on to pull the following talking points out of his liberal bag of tricks:
ObamaCare “is the most moral thing this country has ever done”
Those who oppose ObamaCare“They’re phony Christians. Phony Christians when they say that they are Christian but then they want to take away from their next door neighbor. They don’t want to be their brother’s keeper.”
Repealing ObamaCare: “It is very simple. If ObamaCare is repealed, Americans will die. Children of God will die,”

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Schultz claims to be a born-again Christian, and I won't judge his heart. I'll leave that to God. I will however, point out the hypocrisy of Mr. Ed, in his own words, just as he revels in pointing out what he calls the hypocrisy of conservative Christians and their views.

Ed Schultz calls Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut".

Ed's Greatest "Hits"
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