CA Elementary to "Discontinue " Policy Which Forced Students to Kneel Before the Principal and Admins.

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Who says the 'Nobility Class' doesn't exist? A Southern California elementary school Principal with an apparent 'Napoleon complex', appears to believe he belongs in it, forcing students to behave like subjects toward he and his fellow administrators.

Congratulation to the parents who stood up for their children's rights, and alerted other parents to this practice, forcing the school to halt this so-called "safety" measure.  Lets be clear: This is not a safety measure, but behavior modification of our youth, teaching them at a young age to be compliant towards officials.

What is also disturbing about this is not only that the Principle did this, but that the administration and teachers went along with it.  Is there literally NO ONE in this school who had the decency, common sense, and backbone to stand up and say, "This is wrong, and I will not be a part of, or allow, this behavior to take place on my watch"?

Do you still believe that the teachers and Teacher Unions have the best interests of your children at heart?  If you do, you better wake the hell up!

School District Ends Policy Of Forcing Students To Kneel Down For Dismissal
August 20, 2013 11:59 AM

YUCAIPA (CBSLA.com) — School district officials in San Bernardino County say they will discontinue a policy that required elementary school students to kneel down before being dismissed to class.

Principal Dana Carter (at left) at Calimesa Elementary School had reportedly instituted the policy, which called for students at various times of the school day to kneel down on one knee and wait for the principal or another administrator to dismiss them, as a safety measure.
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