UC Berkeley Student Writes Column That Public Sex On Campus is "Easy", "Lots of Fun"

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A UC Berkeley student, Nadia Cho, chose the student paper to run a story of her on-campus public trysts.  Far from being criticized, the University says that, while they don't back the article, she has a right to free speech.  The paper, The Daily Californian, has been independent from the university for some time now, though it is operated by members of the student body.
Berkeley, a hotbed of marxism and far-left liberal miscreants since the 1960's, is touted for its tolerance, but that tolerance seem to be a one-way street when it comes to viewpoints based on conservatism.
In 2011, student Republicans held an "Affirmative Action" bake sale (video), where the price of the baked goods were based on the person's ethnicity and/or gender. The so-called "enlightened liberals on campus, unable to see the that the point being made was that admissions should be based on merit and not color, called the event racist and intolerant.  Apparently they were also unable to see the hypocrisy of their own intolerance toward an opposing viewpoint.
Now, we have this young female skull full of mush, openly bragging about her sexual exploits on campus, and the reaction is : "Hey!  Free speech , man!" Maybe she can team up with Sandra Fluke to do an article on how expensive it is to have to buy the birth control that enables her to bang her way around the campus. She could then opine about how we should all feel obligated to pay for the condoms, and the cost of the medication, for the STD's she may get along the way, as she copulates her way towards freeing her inner nympho.
And maybe she should consider dropping the "C" from her last name in any future stories she writes about her personal sexual experiences.

'Sex on campus is lots of fun and surprisingly easy': Berkeley student's controversial column for college newspaper boasting of romps in library 

  • UC Berkeley student had sex on campus and wrote about it in column 
  • Nadia Cho writes that she and a male student had sex in Berkeley's library and classrooms the day before Thanksgiving 

By DAMIAN GHIGLIOTTY PUBLISHED: 20:33 EST, 2 December 2012 | UPDATED: 10:39 EST, 3 December 2012

The elite University of California, Berkeley has seen a blow to its uber-serious reputation with a controversial article from a student boasting about her marathon campus sex sessions.

Nadia Cho's detailed account was part of her weekly column in The Daily Californian, Berkeley’s independent, student-run newspaper.

Cho writes that she and an unnamed male student started their romp in Berkeley’s library, Main Stacks, the day before Thanksgiving, when the campus was ‘marvellously empty’.
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