Public School Indoctrination: 3rd Graders Sing "Occupy" Song

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The continuing indoctrination of our youth is alive in Albermale County Virginia.  This is eerily reminiscent of the elementary school students who were taught by teachers to sing a song about our Dear Leader, Barrack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm). Amazingly, school officials are defending the song, claiming that the children not only performed, but wrote the song.
Okay, lets give them the benefit of the doubt and say that these third graders really did write the lyrics. I have children, and as parents we know that our young ones can occasionally come up with stuff that shocks all of us. They can have an insight into things that blow us away.  But I don't personally know any seven year olds that grasp the concepts, let alone are even interested, in the Occupy movement. They certainly wouldn't be able to come up with four complete verses to a song that mimic the points that the Occupiers have been trying to communicate. Dare I say that most seven year olds are more concerned with playing video games, playing tag, and other things that kids that age do, than sitting down and getting intimately familiar with the stories on the six o'clock news.  These kids, and children in school districts across the country, are going through indoctrination by a bunch of leftist teachers and administrators reminiscent of totalitarian regimes throughout history, who know that shaping the minds of children is essential to a compliant population. We, as a country, are turning out historically illiterate students.  They are spoon-fed talking points, disguised as history, with no historical context as to events happening at the time.  Names, dates, and places are all that are required. Even events as few as 50 years ago have been mis-taught to students.
Most students think that it was white Republicans who were beating and shooting blacks with fire hoses during the civil rights marches. Democrats today accuse Republicans of wanting to go back to the days of "Bull" Connor. What they don't say, and which many young people today are oblivious to, is that "Bull" Connor was a Democrat. Segregationists such as George Wallace, William Fullbright (who is a hero and mentor of one William Jefferson Clinton), Al Gore, Sr. - all Democrats. Democrat Robert Byrd West Virginia was a Grand Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan!  Yet, children are coming out of school believing that is was Democrats who were responsible for the Civil Rights Act. In fact, it was the majority of Republicans in Congress who voted for the Act which sent it to President Lyndon Johnson's desk to be signed.  Since then, Democrats have claimed, because of who was President at the time, that it was they who passed civil rights for blacks, as if the GOP were all against it. And there are countless other examples of this type of misinformation (indoctrination) being taught from elementary up through university. Hell, the ignorance of history, private property rights, and complete obliviousness to how markets work, which was being vomited out by the "occupiers", was stunning in its ignorance.
Out schools are churning out far too many lemmings who simply repeat by rote what the leftists in academe are force-feeding them. Don't just be outraged at this video. Take the time to find out what is being taught in the schools in your children or grandchildren. Challenge the school boards, teachers and administrators. Talk to other parents about what you discover, as they are probably unaware of what their children's minds are being polluted with, and organize parent meetings with the schools. Our kids, and our country deserve better.

Virginia School Board Defends Having Third-Graders Sing Occupy Indoctrination Song, Claims The Kids Wrote The Lyrics…

Yes, they’re actually claiming third-grade children wrote these lyrics and chose the topic as well. Because what eight-year-old child isn’t obsessed with class warfare?
Here are lyrics to the song:
Some people have it all
But they still don’t think they have enough
They want more money
A faster ride
They’re not content
Never satisfied
Yes — they’re the 1 percent

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Flashback: Kids taught about out "Dear Leader" Barack Hussein Obama (MMM,MMM,MMM)
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