Greta Shreds Gloria Allred and Her Illegal Alien Client's Lies

http://www.StandWithArizona.com Van Susteren stuns Allred by slamming her for the dishonest representation of her illegal alien client's lies, fraud and deception, all for a naked political stunt. The illegal housekeeper Nicky Diaz, had a fraudulent SSN, illegally filed an I-9, lied to an employment service, and deceived Meg Whitman and her husband. Yet Allred portrays her as some kind of heroine. Allred further insults all Latinos by likening Diaz with ROSA PARKS and claiming that Latinos ADMIRE this lying criminal out for cash like Blacks admire the civil rights icon of the 1950s. Greta will have NONE of it. BRAVO!

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  1. Montana: I get it. You don't like Meg Whitman, or the GOP. That's cool. But a couple of points to show that this is a typical election year smear; The letter sent to the Whitman's from Social Security is a form letter, (Employer No Match Letters) sent to many employers regarding what in many cases are, as stated on the SSA website http://www.ssa.gov/legislation/nomatch2.htm, "typographical errors, unreported name changes, inaccurate or incomplete employer records or misuse of an SSN". Employers are forbidden to use this letter, under penalty of fines and/or imprisonment to verify immigration status. My second point is that upon Mrs. Whitman's housekeeper, Nikki voluntarily stating that she was in the country illegally, the Whitman's were then obligated under the las to terminate her employment. She was not obligated to turn her into immigration authorities,which she did not. This, in my opinion highlights that Meg Whitman did have compassion for Nikki and her family.