Muslim Hate Crimes

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Ted Nugent's always unique observations, this time, about the apparent double-standard used when addressing reactions to Koran burning and reactions to Muslim behavior, which in many cases have much more serious, and violent ramifications.
Also, be sure to read the accompanying article, "Rushdie Rules" by Daniel Pipes.  It is an excellent observation of the West's reactions to Muslim's perceived outrage at seemingly innocuous acts.

I don't support burning the Koran anymore than I support someone holding a blow torch to a Michael Moore fraudumentary film. If you don't want to read the Koran or watch Moore's fraudumentaries, then don't.

This beautiful thing we call the First Amendment is the essence of life. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion is something much of the Muslim world knows little about or respects, which is similar to their abject lack of basic understanding of tolerance, love and peace.
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