Cass Sunstein - Most Conservatives view of the Constitution Requires a T...

http://t.co/vMmKpK6 - Sunstein explains that most Conservatives use a Time Machine to read and understand the Constitution today. In other words he would infer that the Constitution as it was written is no longer effective today.
Cass Sunstein is completely incoherent. The Constitution is a set of ageless Principles. You can't have everybody interpreting it their own way. You would have anarchy. It is imperative that when a judge looks to the Constitution that he attempts to determine what the founders meant, through the words themselves, or through other writings in which they addressed similar issues or circumstances. To find that which isn't there by making up such crap as "emanations and penumbras" is ignoring the intent of the Constitution and its principles. If the Constitution does not address an issue, by definition, jurisdiction goes back to the states. The Supreme Court is obligated NOT to rule on it. The kind of judicial activism advocated by Cass Sunstein and his ilk threatens the very foundations upon which this great country is founded. His ideas should be rejected outright.

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