Obama: I'll Decide What's Constitutional Or Not

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President Obama, who was highly critical of Bush Administration recess appointments, has nevertheless chosen to utilize this Presidential authority.  One problem: Congress is not in recess.  Senate Republicans have had at least one person on the floor of the Senate during the entire time. The President calls this trickery, but the fact is that this meets the legal definition of a "session". Thus, the Senate is not in recess.  This doesn't stop the petulant Obama, as he chooses to ignore this fact, and the Constitution (Art. 2 Sec. 2, Clause 2), by recess appointing the controversial Richard Cordray to a new government department (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) , and three Union thugs to the NLRB, all while the Senate is in session.
Republicans and Democrats alike should be very afraid of a President who willfully ignores the Constitution, and violates constitutional checks and balances, and the Separation of Power. Dictatorships are started this way.

ABC Hails Obama's Dubious Recess Appointment: A 'Consumer Champion'
By: Scott Whitlock
Thursday, January 05, 2012 1:39 PM EST
World News' Diane Sawyer on Wednesday hailed a questionably legal recess appointment by Barack Obama, praising the incoming arrival of a "consumer champion" who will "help" Americans with their financial problems. The program offered no skepticism as to whether a new, unrestrained bureau could harm businesses in America.

Sawyer teased the program, "Consumer champion. Can this brand new man in town help you with your mortgage, your car loan, your credit cards?[MP3 audio here.] Instead of any questions about the bureau, reporter Cecila Vega featured Pamela Banks of the Consumer Union, a group that supported the recess appointment of Richard Cordray.

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