CNN's Soledad O'Brien Asks Romney If His Immigration Stance Will Hand Latino Voters to Obama

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Soledad O'Brien is on a roll. For the second time this week she attempts to impress her media vulture colleagues with her "hard-hitting" journalistic questions, while at the same time showing her personal and political bias.

CNN's O'Brien to Romney: Won't Your Immigration Stance Drive Latinos to Obama?
By: Matt Hadro
Wednesday, January 04, 2012 5:15 PM EST

CNN's Soledad O'Brien tried to make race an issue on Tuesday where there was no conflict to begin with, and she continued thumping Republicans over immigration on Wednesday's Starting Point. O'Brien asked candidate Mitt Romney if he was simply driving Latino voters to Obama with his immigration stance, and brought up the issue again in a later interview.

In her interview with Romney, O'Brien cited his opposition to the Dream Act and noted the large Latino voting bloc in Florida, the site of an upcoming GOP primary. "You know immigration is a big issue for Latino voters. When you tackle that, when you say something like that very publicly and very strongly, are you essentially handing those voters off to President Obama?" she pressed the candidate.

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Soledad O'Brien's "gotcha" question to Michelle Bachmann:

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