Obama: Gutless Wonder

Posted by Brian

Just finished watching President Barack Obama's press conference tonite. You know, the one he had to have after his meeting with Boehner and Reid.  The President looked tired and not very upbeat.  Probably past his bedtime, as it was nearly 11:00 PM before he finished his statement. Or, it may be that the polls are showing that the GOP holds the upper hand in this debate.  The Democrats tried to turn this into 1995 again, in which the Democrats benefitted from a government shutdown, but the dynamics are different in 2011.  For example, Congress was not trying to close an eye-popping $2.7 trillion deficit, as we are this year.

As he spoke of how a government shut-down would hurt the economy, while the economy is still struggling, he came to an awkward pause.  I guess he realized, too late, that by admitting the economy is struggling, he had just contradicted everything he had been saying for the last 6 months. During this time we have been getting nothing but rosy projections about the economy, including enthusiastic reporting of how McDonalds is hiring again.  I guess when Democrats create burger flipper jobs, that's a good thing.

After what was truly a downer of what was a rather short statement, but which seemed much longer, the President once again walked away, taking no questions.  This is the gutless wonder portion of this President.  He takes no questions in these settings, lest he actually be asked something in which he actually has to think on his feet.  With a teleprompter, or with questions submitted in advance, the President can look very good.  He is very good when rehearsed.  But he, and his handlers, know he is a loose cannon when he is off script.  He stutters, stammers, is unfocused, and comes across as less than knowledgeable in these settings.

His refusal to step up to the plate and confront tough questions doesn't only mke him seem weak.  It confirms it.

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