PBS: "Discovery" of Global Warming Greatest Scientific Achievement

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The propaganda arm of the left is in full swing at PBS.  Saying the "discovery" of global warming may be science's greatest achievement, and that we start with the assumption it is real, our excited host spews the party line on man-made climate change.
Greater than the discovery of smallpox and polio vaccines? Greater than Einstein's Theory of Relativity?
Of course we all know that prior to the invention of the automobile global warming and climate change didn't exist.  The Little Ice Age never happened.  The Medieval Warming period was a right-wing conspiracy. And of course, CO2 levels have never been higher, in the entire history of the planet, than they are now.

For thinking people with the ability to think critically, global warming and cooling (also known as climate change) is constant.  It is a cyclical phenomenon that has occurred since Creation, and will continue long after we are gone, To pompous, liberal, bourgeois elites like this guy, history began the day he was born.  Arrogantly, they believe man has the capability to actually change the climate of an entire planet with wind turbines, capturing cow flatulence, installing solar panels, and using paper instead of plastic.
It sounds ridiculous because it is.
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