Chicago July 4th Weekend Shootings of Blacks Dwarf Sandy Hook, Media Uninterested

Posted by Brian

I don't celebrate this. It pisses me off. 74 people shot. 12 dead. Since Wednesday! Over 200 killed this year, or more than 1 per day.  Yet the media are virtually silent, concentrating instead on a San Francisco plane crash that killed two people. Perhaps the fact that the vast majority of the Chicago victims are black has something to do with it.

In Newtown, Adam Lanza killed 26 people, including 20 children, and the media goes ballistic.  The media also had a field day with the shootings in Aurora, CO, and at Columbine.  The common theme among those shootings is that the victims were white.

The vast majority of the people dying on the streets of Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC, and many other gun control meccas is that the victims are black or another minority. Plus, it's not white people killing blacks. It's black on black crime.  This doesn't fit the media for a good story.  Tip for the media: The story is not the race of the people being killed, or who's doing the killing.  It's the horrendous numbers of people being killed as a direct result of strict gun control laws.

Chicago's (and New York's, Washington, DC, etc...) gun control laws, touted by politicians and so-called experts as a blueprint or the rest of the country, prove time and again that they do not make Chicagoan's safer, but actually make people targets for the criminal element who do have guns.

While Obama and the rest of the leftists in this country try to make it harder and harder for law-abiding citizens to get firearms and ammunition for their own protection, those cities where they have been successful with strict gun control laws look like shooting galleries for the criminals.
Meanwhile, in places where concealed carry is lawful, and law abiding citizens are able to own and obtain firearms easily, crime statistics plummet.  It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the connection.
We as citizens need to start pointing out the hypocrisy, and complicity, of the media in keeping Americans ignorant of the real statistics and deadly results of gun control laws.

74 People Shot 12 Killed In Chicago Weekend Violence 
July 8, 2013 10:14 AM
Reporting Nikki

Chicago Police, concealed weapons laws, Death, government, holiday weekend, illegal guns, injured, killed, murder, r.i.p., RIP, shot to death  It never ends.  Same sad story.
All this violence happened since Wednesday and through the holiday weekend.  The government is working so hard with its concealed weapons laws right now and seem to be missing a big point.  The ILLEGAL guns are killing the majority of people in out country.
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