Why is the Chilean President Sitting At The US President's Desk?

Posted by Brian

With all the scandals surrounding President and his administration, you may think this is not that important, but its is illustrative of the absolute disdain Barack Obama has for "the People's House", and the Office of President of the United States.
The Oval Office has been held sacred by past Presidents.  Ronald Reagan would not even enter the Oval Office without being in a suit and tie, so hallowed did he take his obligation as a servant of the People. Nor would he let others enter the office not dressed in proper attire.
Barack Obama has no such respect for his position, or the privilege of being elected as the temporary occupant of the Oval Office.  Allowing staff to enter the Oval Office dressed-down in blue jeans (or are they mom jeans?), or to sit or prop his feet up on the desk, can all be debatable as to whether it is disrespectful to the office.
But allowing a foreign leader to sit in the seat occupied by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, and others, Barack Obama has shown himself to have little to no respect for the sacred honor and Office to which he has been charged.
A very instructive look into the mind of this President.


Jun. 9, 2013 1:26pm Madeleine Morgenstern

As far as symbols of the American presidency go, the Oval Office is a pretty big one.  The president’s desk? Definitely his alone.  That’s why it was certainly a surprise when the president of Chile walked over and sat himself down in President Barack Obama’s chair during a visit to the White House on Tuesday.
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