Obama World: Tea Party, Conservatives, Judeo-Christian Values Are "The Enemy"

Posted by Brian

It is well past time for the American people to wake up about what is going on in our country.

In the past, the enemy was defined as the former Soviet Union, China, and communist dictatorships. Not so with the Obama Administration and today's Democrats.  Todays Democrat Party is not the Party of Harry S. Truman.  One thing that both parties could agree on in those days was the defeat of communism.

Todays' Democrats, and this Administration in particular, embrace the Marxist philosophy.  The enemy of the United States today is the Tea Party and conservatism. Don't believe me? Let's look at the last five years.

The Rise of the Tea Party
The Tea Party grew out of average citizens concerned about the size and scope of government.  After the collapse of the housing market, we saw the out of control spending and calls for higher taxes, among other things, as a direct threat to our liberty.  Democrats who only several years earlier had called $400+ billion deficits irresponsible, were now calling for trillion dollar plus deficits.  People said enough is enough.  And it wasn't just the Democrats that people were upset with.  We recognize that big government Republicans are equally to blame for the fiscal mess we find ourselves in.  The system is broke.

You would think that citizens wanting to rein in the size of government would be welcomed.  You would be wrong. In Washington, entrenched Democrats and liberal "establishment" Republicans view the Tea Party and conservatives as a threat to their POWER. They no longer view themselves as public servants, but instead see their constituents as subservient to them.

Tea Party creates problem for the Power Elite
The problem was that out in the Heartland, the message of the Tea Party was resonating with average Americans. Lower taxes and accountability by our government to its citizens is a winning message. The people who were showing up at Tea Party events cut across party lines, race and ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds.   We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, black, white, hispanic, Asian, Indian, rich, poor, and middle class.  We embody Martin Luther King's "by the content of their character".  I know. I have been there. The elites in government and in academe were in a pickle. They knew they couldn't defeat the conservative message of the Tea Party, so they devised a strategy to attack their character and integrity.

Alinsky Rule #12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
With Barack Obama as the newly elected, and first black President, their strategy was simple.  Paint the Tea Party as racists and rednecks. Label them as the "new" KKK (ironically, founded by Democrats). Accuse them of wanting to take the US back to the days of Jim Crow ( also a Democrat policy).  It didn't matter if it wasn't true. Throw it out there and let a liberal media carry the lie to the people 24/7 on cable, and on the networks' nightly news programs for months on end.  Send out a reporter to a Tea Party gathering of several thousand people and find the one or two idiots carrying a racist sign to back up their accusations.  It didn't matter that people at the Tea Party in most cases would identify the wacko's in their midst themselves, tell the offenders that those types of signs and graphics were not what we stand for, and ask those individuals to leave.  That didn't fit the narrative of the reporter or of the left. "These are racists, and we're going to expose them!", was the message.

If you are losing the debate, "create" the controversy. Lie if you have to.
The Democrats even stooped to fabricating controversy in order to promote this false narrative.  In a weak attempt to re-create that the 1965 civil rights march on Selma Alabama, Democrat Congressmen, led by the intellectually challenged Nancy Pelosi, marched up the steps of the Capital for the passage of ObamaCare. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, who was beaten during the days of the 1960s Civil
Manufactured controversy and fake civil rights march
Rights days claimed, he was spit on and called the "n-word" by supposed foaming-at-the-mouth Tea Party members. Expressing outrage and disgust, Cleaver nor the media could not  produce one photograph, or recording/videotape of the alleged incident. (Breitbart offered $1million for anyone who could produce audio or video evidence to substantiate the allegation. The offer remains unclaimed to this day).  It didn't matter. The story was printed and run on every major news outlet, and the phantom incident became fact in the minds of millions.

Dems and Obama Praise Occupy Wall Street
Conversely, Democrats, the media, and the Obama Administration embraced the "Occupy" movement, calling them "patriotic", and praising them as "speaking truth to power", or claiming "this is what democracy looks like".  Many in this "occupy" movement are young, college-age people who are also frustrated by a lack of jobs and an all-powerful government, naively banding together with people and organizations whose last thought is to empower these young people, but to collapse the system and remake a Marxist utopia.  They are unwitting dupes to their own enslavement.

Democrat Heroes: The Occupy Movement -
Marxists, Anarchists and defecating on the flag.
Media provides cover for the Marxist/leftists behind Occupy
Of course, to advance the lie that the Occupy movement is a "grassroots" movement, the media and leftists in government had to intentionally hide from the American people the organizations supporting Occupy -  financially and materially - through "workshops",  media ad campaigns, computer technology, and training people how to protest and resist law enforcement.  They include such Marxist/communist groups as Industrial Workers of the World (IWWW), Socialist Party USA, Communist Party USA, MoveOn.org, People for the American Way, Workers World Party, and International Committee of the Fourth International, A.N.S.W.E.R..  Additionally, well-known communists such as billionaire George Soros, Obama's former "green Czar" Van Jones, Francis Fox-Piven, and SEIU's Stephen Lerner have been deeply involved in the funding, planning, or re-education of Occupy participants , through speeches and workshops.  SEIU's Lerner was captured on camera telling workshop attendees how to collapse the stock market, and how to "destabilize" the nation.

Fundamental Transformation
Lest anyone think that Obama has been an innocent bystander in all of this, he has not.  Occupy Wall Street did not magically bubble up as an answer to a mythically racist Tea Party. This has been in the works for decades.  The Francis Fox-Piven's, Bill Ayres', and others have been patiently awaiting the right moment in history.  Through a gradual takeover, ideologically, of the education system, those who seek to collapse the American system have been subtly and insidiously poisoning the minds of young people to the greatness of America, while promoting leftist doctrine and rewriting our history for over four decades.

With his declaration in 2008, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming this nation," Barack Obama communicated, not just to America, but to Marxist/socialists around the globe, that the time for socialist change in America was now.  At first it was easy to keep people "fired up", with the country in a deep recession, people losing jobs, and George W. Bush as a bogeyman to pin blame on.  Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of blame to place on George W. Bush regarding some of the financial straits we find ourselves in, but he is not the be-all and end-all to our problems.  They run much deeper.  Obama also knew this, and with the rise of the Tea Party, he had found a target.

2010: Tea Party Delivers Biggest Dem Defeat since 1928
What Obama and the media did not count on was how effective this loosely organized movement of middle American patriots would actually be.  They found out during the 2010 mid-term election cycle. Fueled by an electorate motivated by the Tea Party, Democrats lost 6 Senate seats and 63 seats in the House of Representatives in national races.  In state races, Democrats fared even worse, losing over 500 state legislative seats.  It was the biggest rejection of Democrats since 1928.  Leftists in the media were visibly stunned. How could this happen when they had the greatest President the United States, even the World, had ever seen. Their reaction was that these racist rednecks had crucified the messiah a second time.  This wasn't merely a rejection of Obama and the Democrats policies. This was blasphemy!  Worse, it was racism!

As shocked as Obama's leftist sycophants in the media were, the Obama White House was caught even more flat-footed.  Obama's tone-deafness to what was going on in the country was exposed, as was his failure to see that the Tea Party was a formidable and motivated movement.  As November neared, they knew there was going to be electoral blood when the election returns came in. They didn't realize to what extent.

Clearly, another strategy was needed in order to slow, and if possible, destroy the Tea Party before the 2012 Presidential election.

"Payback Time"

“After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay."
Valerie Jarrett, Obama Senior Advisor and closest confidant

We now know that the targeting of the Tea Party began at least as far back as June 2010. If Obama couldn't outlaw Tea Party groups, he could, through a complicit IRS, hold up their tax-exempt status, effectively preventing them from raising money for which they could use to run any effective outreach on issues, candidates, workshops, etc.  The plan was simple.  Neutralize them with bureaucratic red tape. The IRS did not actually reject any applications from Tea Party organizations for tax exempts status. The put them in bureaucratic limbo.

The strategy was a political rope-a-dope, wherein the IRS would demand more and more information, including information which was not even lawful or required for the groups to submit. They also gave unreasonably little time for the groups to gather information and submit it back to the IRS, while at they same time the IRS took excessively long periods of time to get back to these groups regarding the status of the applications.  This was a success in that some of the Tea Party groups became frustrated feeling that the whole process was not worth it.  Others who have continued to trudge through are still awaiting the approval of the application almost 2 years after they originally submitted their paperwork.

Intimidation Works
For the most part the strategy worked. The Tea Party was much less effective in 2012 than in the 2010 midterms, and of course, Obama won a second term despite continued high unemployment, disapproval of the passage of ObamaCare, increasing inflation, and lower wages and personal wealth dwindling.  Making fundraising effectively impossible, the Tea Party was severely limited in their ability to organize, print materials, or to help rally the conservative base. Romney received 2.8 million fewer votes than John McCain did in 2008. Ironically, if Romney would have simply tallied the same number of votes as McCain, he would have won the popular vote by over 100,000 votes.

Chris Christie to Obama's Rescue
Of course, a last-minute storm which devastated the Northeast, and which could have been a political disaster for Obama, gave Obama a boost in the weeks leading up to the election, along with a virtual endorsement by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Christie, the one-time Republican phenom for his YouTube videos which spotlighted him taking on NJ teachers unions in town hall settings, may have been a game changer, convincing those sitting on the fence that Obama deserved a second chance.  Keep in mind also, that it was Christie at the RNC Convention, who spoke not of his support and confidence of Mitt Romney's nomination as the GOP candidate, but spent an interminably long period of time speaking about himself and how great he was, exhibiting an ego even larger than his ever expanding waistband.  Many felt that this was Christie using the moment to introduce himself to a national audience in preparation for a 2016 run for President.  A real team player.  The question is which team is he playing for?

Sandy Hook Elementary
After the election Obama and the leftists in our country were given a political gift in the form of a horrific tragedy - the shooting of children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. The 26 victims, including 20 children, were not even buried before the anti-gun leftists were calling for new bans on everything from guns, to magazines, to ammunition.  The Obama administration was only too-happy to oblige.  With Obama being on record as saying that he wants to keep "guns out of the inner cities", and nominating an Attorney General who is on record for draconian gun control laws, Obama had crisis he wasn't let go to waste. Obama put the full weight of his Presidency behind Sen. Dianne Feinstein's so-called "Assault Weapons Ban", traveling the country to make his push for the ban.  The bill failed in Congress, and a visibly angry Obama called the vote "shameful" and driven by "politics".  It was Obama's first significant political defeat. Hopefully not his last.

Obama's second term is revealing his true agenda for America.  The number of scandals are growing daily.  Even before the 2012 election, the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which claimed the lives of four American's , and which should have been a game changer in the campaign, was downplayed by the Administration and a compliant media. "Nothing to see here".

Operation Fast and Furious
Then there is "Operation Fast and Furious", an ill-conceived and illegal gun-running operation to drug cartels in Mexico, instituted without the knowledge of the Mexican government, resulting in the deaths of two US law enforcement officers and hundreds of Mexican citizens South of the border, virtually ignored by an incurious media. Oh, yeah.  Most of the guns that the DOJ were tracking, were never recovered and remain in the hands of the cartels. Even when the scandal has been raised on the weekend talking-head shows, they have regurgitated the Obama Administration lie that the operation was actually a "Bush Administration program", and it was Obama and Eric Holder who had the good sense to shut it down.  they said these things, even though a little investigative digging would reveal the the Bush program, Operation Linebacker ended before Obama took office, AND that the Bush program was done in coordination with the Mexican government, and all weapons were closely tracked, with none lost.  It has been surmised that the real reason for Obama and Holder's Fast and Furious operation was a back-door excuse for gun control and gun registration, blaming the flow of guns to Mexico on US gun dealers indiscriminately selling weapons to all comers, with or without background checks.

The Dam Bursts
  The IRS targeting conservatives, the Tea Party, pro-Israel groups, and conservative religious organizations. The DOJ tapping phones and confiscating the e-mail of the media organizations  and individuals like the AP and reporter James Rosen.  In Rosen's case, even the phones and emails of his parents were monitored by the government.

Lurking just below the surface of the other scandals are reports of the EPA using their unconstitutional authority of unilaterally making laws to illegally harass and intimidate conservatives, even stooping to release the personal information of up to 8 million farmers to leftist environmental groups.

Military now views Christianity and conservatism as 'divisive'
The US military is, and has been for the last year or two, been discriminating against Judeo-Christian members in its branches.  Chaplains have been threatened with sedition and treason for preaching against sin and homosexuality.  Gideon Bibles are are no longer allowed, and are being removed from on-base housing. Chaplains have been told that they must perform same-sex marriages, even if it violates their faith.

Meanwhile, the Obama team cozies up to the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and Islamist groups which advocate the institution of sharia law in the United States - a sharia law which calls for the execution of gays, the beating and sexual mutilation of women, the institutions of pedophilia and polygamy (marrying and having sex with "brides" as young a seven years old), the beheading of infidels, and taxing (jizya) those who do not convert to Islam.

The Army is in the process of harassing and bringing charges against a career Master Sgt. with a spotless record because of his political and religious beliefs. The member who is a musician in the world-famous Army band has been confronted several times for reading conservative books by Mark Levin, David Limbaugh and others while in uniform, being told that his reading is creating a "hostile work environment". He has also been confronted about anti-Obama bumper stickers on his personal vehicle, and his views on gay marriage, which he opposes based on religious grounds.  After this soldier went public regarding the harassment he has subjected to, the Army has brought charges against him, not for the above things mentioned, as these do not violate the UCMJ, but for "providing the wrong date for his son's doctor appointment" to a superior officer.  It is obvious that the Army is carrying out a vendetta against this man for exposing the politically correct culture that is spreading throughout the military, and not for mistakenly giving in incorrect date to his superior.

The Transformation
Barack Obama's transformation has been successful, at least in the sense that his politics of divisiveness has massively expanded the number of Americans dependent on government.  One in seven Americans are now on food stamps - 47.3 million Americans as of January 2013. In addition, 4.3 million are on welfare, and 5.6 million are on unemployment. A cumulative approaching 60 million Americans!  Obama and the Democrats see these numbers (actually people) as something to be exploited.  It plays directly into a haves and have-nots political issues which they can break down into rich/poor, race, gender, immigrant issues.  Though this kind of data represents real misery, and real people suffering that misery, a result of the very policies which Obama and statists have created and implemented, Obama and the leftists in this government use the most base arguments to turn people against the very policies which would make their lives better, give them greater freedom over their own situations, and give them real hope, as opposed to the false hope that Obama has promised.

All of the "promises" that Obama and the Dems have made since 2008 (actually for decades) have not made the lives of those who have supported him, and them, better.  They have made them worse.  Minority unemployment has gone up.  Real wealth has gone down. Unemployment among young people, especially young minorities, is at epidemic proportions.  Violence in those areas which have the most draconian gun laws are claiming more young men and women each month, especially young black males, than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Billions of dollars are being funneled into insolvent "green energy" companies, enriching the executives of these Obama "friends", while this President punishes those energy companies which can actually provide affordable energy, driving up the cost for those who can least afford it.  His signature ObamaCare is actually increasing the cost of health insurance, while reducing the level care for those on the lower end of the pay scale.

A Daunting Task
As long as this rant is, I am only scratching the surface of the damage that this President, and the leftists in our government and its institutions, with the aid of a sympathetic media, and assisted by big-government Republicans, more concerned with their own power and status than the Constitution or the citizens whom they supposedly represent, are doing to the foundation of the United States.

ALL incumbents who have become detached from Constitutional principles, regardless of party, should be defeated in the primary elections.  This means that strong conservatives who can articulate the conservative message, need to be identified and recruited to run against these people, whether they have been in office 40 years or four years.  This is a daunting task.

The 2014 election will be THE determining factor as to whether we as a people can begin to turn this country back to its constitutional moorings, or whether the United States will become a historic footnote of a failed experiment in self-governance, by a people who have finally decided that servitude and subjugation have become preferable to the awesome responsibilities of freedom and self-reliance.

May God Bless America and guide us in this monumental task!

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