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"I Pledge Allegiance..."

The Drudge Report has two links today which should, to people paying attention, alarm the hell out of them.

The first one is a link to an Obama 2012 link which is selling an Obama flag in which the stars from the U.S. flag are replaced by the Obama logo.  This follows the outrage a few months ago when it was discovered that a Democrat headquarters was flying an "Obama flag" outside it's building, the only difference being that the blue field was a picture of Obama instead of the logo.  This is not tone deafness.  This is straight out of Obama's "get in their faces!" comment from 2008.

The second piece is a story in the Washington Examiner in which several Hollywood stars are urging people to "pledge allegiance to Barack Obama" by taking "pictures of themselves with their hands on their hearts and a note explaining why they support President Obama"(Not unlike a video from 2009 where stars urged the same thing). The story reports that Obama staffers are also part of this Obama reelection ad campaign.

That these useful idiots (Jessica Alba, Scarlet Johansson, and Natalie Portman) are lending themselves to this campaign is not chilling, or even surprising.  Hollywood elites are well-known for their liberal
causes.  The chilling thing is that this comes from the official Obama
campaign.  The chilling thing is that this man, Obama, is so arrogant, so power-hungry, that he would
not, cannot see the historical danger in people that would put their faith and trust into a single person as the answer to all of their and the nation's problems!

History is rife with the consequences of people and nations who buy into the cult of personality of a single person.   Hitler. Franco. Mussolini. Mao, Stalin. Peron, Pol Pot. Castro. Mugabe. Amin. The list goes on and on. Millions murdered. Millions more thrust into poverty and despair. People afraid to speak out due to the loss of basic freedoms like free-speech, and freedom to worship a God of their own choosing. And yet, we have these vacuous starlets encouraging people to "pledge allegiance" to an individual, when we have reams of history which tell us how dangerous this is.

The incident this past week of a filmmaker dragged out of his house at 1:00AM, because he allegedly "insulted" Islamists halfway around the world with a third-rate, poorly-produced video, should outrage everyone.  Yet, the so-called "defenders of freedom", the media, are not outraged. In fact, many supported the arrest and questioning of this filmmaker. At least the ones who weren't completely silent on the whole thing.

We have, in President Obama, a man who would have you believe that he has all the answers.  That he is the sole arbiter of of the issues that face this country.  Many will say, "but he has to go through Congress", or that "the Supreme Court will keep him from doing anything unconstitutional". Really.  Obama's Presidency is already littered with numerous examples of him unilaterally bypassing Congress with Executive Order after Executive Order.  His EPA is handing down regulations on a nearly daily basis which is destroying the energy industry in the country.  He has ignored the orders of a Federal judge not once, but twice(!), in regards to oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Freedom of Speech?
Filmmaker taken in for questioning for making movie "insulting" to Muslims
As for the Supreme Court: Who can count on them after Chief Justice John Roberts handed down one of the worst, if not the worst, decision in Supreme Court history, with the ruling on ObamaCare.  A case in which the government lied through their teeth to the nine justices.  A case in which one of the justices, Elena Kagan, was directly involved in the crafting of ObamaCare while in the Obama Administration, and didn't even consider recusing herself from the case.  A case in which one of the justices repeatedly corrected the attorney for the Obama Administration, who kept calling the penalty a tax, by calling it a fee.  This, after Obama repeatedly told the American people that it was not a tax. Yet,  his attorney kept calling it a tax.  Finally, Justice Roberts sided with the four leftist justices to find that ObamaCare was Constitutional because he said it was a tax.  So, for the first time in our nation's history, the people of the United States are being compelled to buy a service, whether they want it or not.  Do you still have faith in the ability of a Supreme Court holding Barack Obama in check if he is elected to a second term?

Keep in mind, that whoever is the next President is going to be nominating two, if not three, new Supreme Court Justices.  If the next President is Barack Obama, his Supreme Court picks would pitch the court so far to the left that it would take decades to correct.  The damage that would be done to our country would be immeasurable. Our nation would be changed as to be unrecognizable, not only to the Founders, but even to us.

Ronald Reagan once said:
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Our country is at a crossroads. We are on the precipice of falling into despotism. We are currently a post-constitutional society, with an out-of control government, governed by an elitist political class who are more concerned with maintaining their power than governing according to the ideals that this country was founded upon.  The Constitution is an annoyance to them. An obstacle to chasing the utopian fantasies common to all other dictators and despots that have tried, and failed, before them to engineer the "perfect" society.

It is not too late to turn the Great Ship around, though we fight an uphill battle against an administration, the media, and a legion of sycophants willing to "pledge" themselves to a man who despises the values and ideals that this country was founded on, and which has allowed it to be the "the last best hope of for a mankind plagued by tyranny and deprivation".

Election day is less than two months away.  Let us not be that generation who has to explain to our children and grandchildren of what a great country the United States used to be.

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