San Antonio High School Apologizes For 'USA, USA' Racial Slur

Posted by Brian
Another example of the anti-American leftists squelching patriotism and pushing a "diversity" agenda. American kids are apparently not supposed to show any national pride, yet are to be appreciative of being bombarded with cultural celebrations of Mexico (Cinco de Mayo), Islam (Ramadan), and a host of other forced participatory celebrations. I happen to like going to many of these types of events.  I love the foods and learning of many of the cultural idiosyncrasies that are presented.  But in many of these schools the message is lost as strong-arm educational tactics are used on the students, effectively forcing them to, not just appreciate, but to accept things which may be anathema to their own beliefs.  In fact, these might be less of an issue if all things American, Christian, Jewish, et.al., were not seen as disruptive to a diverse society.  American flags and Judeo Christian symbols are more often than not taught to be divisive, and destructive to the American culture.
To say that kids chanting "USA, USA" is "not who we are" as the coach says, then I have to ask: "Then who are we"?

MRCTVone Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 9:56am

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