Guess What The US Senate Thinks Is The Most Important Issue We Face? Hint: It's Not The Economy

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90 million Americans unemployed, Islamo-Nazi's who want worldwide sharia and the destruction of Israel and the U.S., An ObamaCare fiasco the the vast majority of Americans want no part of, the NSA spying on its own citizens, Benghazi, the IRS, pre-dawn raids on reporters homes - I could continue the list practically ad infinitum.  What do Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats put at the top of Monday's agenda? Whether Bob should be able to show up at the construction site dressed as Roberta.
No, this is not just about the right to be gay and not be fired.  This is about the "right" to be in "gender transition", which the bill not only doesn't define, but a report on the bill states"it is the committee's intent that nothing in this Act be read as establishing what an individual's gender transition must entail." So you can be whatever you want on any given day or week.  Flip a coin!
Gay rights activists argue that this legislation is needed because there are currently no laws specifically protecting homosexuals in the workplace. This argument is simply a red herring though,  They say that most people don't know there is no law to prevent you from being fired for being gay. You want to know why?  Because it doesn't happen!  When was the last time that you knew or heard of an individual being denied a job or being fired simply because they are gay? I haven't, and I'm pretty damn sure that if that were the reason given in a court of law, the employer would lose.  No. This could be fixed by simply amending the current EEOC law to include no discrimination based on "sexual orientation". But as with nearly everything else with the hardcore gay activists, it is not about "equality", it is about special rights and privileges.  The ability to be as disruptive as they want to be, and be legally protected to do so.
Of course anyone who doesn't support this will be labeled anti-gay, homophobes, racists, and any other pejorative they can think of.
The Democrats, led by Harry Reid, are happy to whore themselves out in support of any ridiculous demand if they think it will get them more voters, and the Republican leadership is incompetent in their ability to make anything approaching a coherent argument to counter.

And these Washington wizards are flummoxed by Congress' single-digit approval numbers?

Senate bill protects ‘gender transitioning’ in the workplace
By Pete Kasperowicz

The Senate will hold a procedural vote Monday on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a gay and bisexual rights bill that also aims to protect people from workplace discrimination when transitioning from one gender to another.

The bill from Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) would make it illegal for companies, associations and government employers at all levels to use sexual orientation and gender identity as a basis for hiring and firing decisions, or to use these factors to discriminate against employees or applicants.

But the bill goes further than that by including language meant to protect people from discrimination when in "gender transition." The bill gets at the idea of gender transition in Section 8, which deals with workplace dress and grooming standards.
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