Clueless Obama Voters: Scandals? What Scandals?

Posted by Brian

Discarding Facts and Common Sense for Six Years Running

On a Watters' World Segment of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor", Jesse Watters went to the liberal bastion of Lower Manhatten to interview Obama supporters on their thoughts on the numerous Obama scandals.  Unfortunately, they are far too indicative of the ignorance of far too many people who vote. Their responses also give a clear view of what our "re-educational" system is churning out these days.

Watters: "Now, the country right now. Do you think were in good shape, bad shape, how do you see that?"
Obamabot: "Which country?"
Watters: "The United States."
Obamabot: "Oh my God. It's so American to say like, "the country", and to think, like, I would assume America!"

Ummmm. Yeah. Being that it's an American journalist asking, and YOU are standing in downtown New York City.  Let's connect the dots, honey!

From the same skull full of mush, comes this exchange:
Obamabot: "I always assumed that a President would also be a criminal. There's no way to be an honest President of a dishonest country."

Obviously, our liberal institutions have succeeded in completely warping this young lady into a mindless sponge who hates her country, and has zero capacity to  think critically.

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